Introducing Your New Board of Directors

We are so happy and excited to announce the new board of directors for the Folwell Neighborhood Association!

William Bates
Joe Bell
Beryl Ann Burton
Mysnikol Miller
Earl Milton
Kassaundra Mullen
Josh Ney
Marcia Phillips
Nate Streeter
Debbie Tallen

Danielle Tietjen

Thank you to everyone who came out to the meeting and those who came to volunteer from other neighborhoods. It was amazing to see so many be engaged in our community and involved in the future of Folwell.
We expect a lot of updates soon, so please keep coming back to find out about information, events, and announcements.

Senior Leaf Rake

Folwell and Webber-Camden Neighborhood Associations are again helping to coordinate the Senior Leaf Rake in conjunction with Sentencing to Service.

Register before 2:00pm, October 30th
To register: Call 612-521-2100 for this free service.

Leaves are raked, bagged and put at your alley line for pickup.

This service is provided by the Folwell/Webber-Camden neighborhood organizations for Senior residents living in their own homes in Camden Community neighborhoods.