2020 Annual Gathering and Election

Thank you to everyone who was able to make it on Monday night for the Annual Neighborhood Gathering and Election! If you weren’t there, we sure did miss you! It was wonderful to gather safely together as the weather turns colder, knowing that for the majority of the coming months, due to COVID-19 we will be meeting together over zoom.

We gathered in the newly renovated yard at 3701 Fremont Ave N. Folks gathered in the adjoining empty lot, among the garden and around the fire pit.

Thank you to Angelo Williamson with Wha’Jamican who provided amazing burritos!

Thank you to Elder Amoke Kubat for sharing art through story and centering the value of stories for us.

Thank you Kenzie O’Keefe from Pillsbury and being there with Get Out the Vote.

Thank you to our elected officials; Irene Krissie Fernando, KerryJo Felder, Bobby Joe Champion, and Phillipe Cunningham – Ward 4 Minneapolis City Council Member for being in community with us an sharing about your work.

Thank you Linda Hitzeman Krohn from Thrivent for being there to help out with Census outreach.

Thank you Cody Olson for coming and sharing info around the C-line that coming down Fremont.

Thank you Ariah Fine for helping with our neighborhood elections and ensuring that every vote was counted.

Thank you to Kathleen Acaso and the Green Team for all the Liter Be Gone supplies that got distributed!

Thank you to all of our volunteers who have done incredible work throughout the last year. We are SO grateful to each and every one of you. We hope you enjoy your gift card from Adorn by Kella with Markella Smith!

Thank you Katrina Hannemann for being our photographer and capturing the event!

Folks enjoyed coming to tour the space, electing new Board Members, eating and getting to know one another, and then ending the night with a bonfire. It was so incredible being in our new space together!

Check out the photos and please give a warm welcome to our new Board of Directors! The community elected five new folks to serve on the board. Welcome Sara Merrill, Emily Flower, Beatrice Hawkins, Malory Leishman, and Gary Way. You can contact them on the “Get to know the Board of Directors” page on the website.