Neighborhood Night


Neighborhood Night is a program of the Folwell Neighborhood Association (FNA). As the neighborhood explores innovative ways to invest in the community, Neighborhood Night is designed to provide an opportunity to connect, share a meal and get involved in the work happening in Folwell.  It is an open space format that allows for community organizing around issues that residents care about.

All established committees and teams currently meet on Neighborhood Night.

While there is often an agenda, the evening was created to allow for community-driven issues to direct the work. If you want to meet folks and find out what residents are working on, this is a great event to put on your calendar.

Here are some focus points:  

Schedule and Future Plans

Neighborhood Night is generally held on the third Monday of each month at Folwell Park. Dinner is served at 5:30 pm, with discussion and programming starting at 6 pm through 8:30 pm. Please see the Folwell Calendar to confirm any updates or changes to that schedule.

The program started in June 2018 and was approved to continue through 2019. 

Connecting to each other

Relationships are the foundation of strong and safe neighborhoods. This program provides a dedicated monthly opportunity for neighbors to meet, share passions, opinions and experiences, and get to know each other.

The people will direct the work

Neighborhood Night allows residents to organize around their issues and ideas and then bring them to the FNA Board for funding or support, as needed. The power of the neighborhood lies with the people!

Connecting to information

Traditionally, neighborhood associations have a monthly business meeting and multiple committee meetings throughout the month. Gathering all committees and teams together on the same night generates excitement and allows for the pooling of ideas and resources. There can also be cross-over information and ideas formed within committees and teams that makes meeting on the same night more efficient.

Promoting the Northside economy

Each Neighborhood Night provides an opportunity to promote Northside businesses by offering a meal provided by a local business. When possible, this will be a Black, Brown, LGBTQ, or indigenous-owned business. (Note: The City Community Participation Program guidelines do not allow neighborhood associations to use City funding for the purchase of food or refreshments). All food is purchased through Thrivent Micro grants and donations.

Neighborhood Night recaps

For any questions or to propose a discussion topic, please contact Dani.

Below are written recaps from each month to know what was discussed and organized around.  A summary will also be presented at the monthly FNA Board business meeting.

**Please note that there is no Recap for November as that was the Annual Neighborhood Gathering and Elections. Neighborhood Night did not gather that month in its usual format.

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