2018 Annual Meeting & Elections

We need you! The FNA Board of Directors will be holding its Annual Meeting & Election on Monday, November 12 from 6:00-8:00pm.

We will have 5 seats (of 11) up for election at this time, and are accepting applications to be on the ballot.

So, we need you! … To run for the board… To come on Nov. 12… To talk to your neighbors about running for the board… To encourage your neighbors not interested in running for the board to vote on Nov. 12… To volunteer at the event. This IS really be a community effort! We definitely need you!

Deadlines: If you want your application published on the Folwell website, you must have your application in to info@folwell.org by 12noon on Thursday, November 1. We will be accepting applications and nominations from the floor up until candidate introductions on Monday, Nov. 12.

You can find links to the Application and Elections Procedure below.

If you have questions about running for the board, being on the board, or about anything else please email info@folwell.org.

Application: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MYtfS2_6WKg-IeyHLgghnkWVhEZeq_5a/view

Elections Procedure: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1tiZFh817otFgXISSM2IR4M6Pj03jCkEA

Thank you and we’ll see you then!


Welcome Staff!

We are excited to announce the new staff for the Folwell Neighborhood Association! You will be seeing our Communications and Outreach Associates around the neighborhood, supporting the events we are a part of and throwing, leading door knocking and outreach efforts and in all sorts of manners…

Mikile BakerCapture+_2018-05-17-07-50-57-1

My name is Mikile Baker and I am excited to have been brought on to serve not only the Folwell Neighborhood Association but the people of Folwell. It is an honor to work in my community and with the beautiful residents of North Minneapolis. I have lived in North Minneapolis for over a year and prior to relocating to the area I would travel from Northeast Minneapolis to thirty-first and Penn to train at my current judo gym the renowned Doc’s Gym. I am a  twenty-six year old University student who attends Augsburg University where I am currently studying studio art and art history. Painting and charcoal are my forte and and passion and if I am not in the dojo or the classroom then I am most likely in front of the canvas. I believe that art can be both a tool for communication and expression and that it is something that everyone should be able to take part in. With a passion for the arts and volunteer work I currently serve with City of Lakes AmeriCorps where I teach art in the Minneapolis Public School District.

As a resident of North Minneapolis I want to bring attention to our awesome communities, neighborhoods, and community projects. To support and uplift  new businesses as well as show continued support to the many institutions that we have here in our community such as Juxtaposition Arts, Cookie Cart, Venture North biking and cafe and many others. Folwell is a great example of that in its communal togetherness and residential pride and I am excited to work for a community that is dedicated to supporting not only its residence but its surrounding area!

You can reach Mikile at his Folwell email address mikile@folwell.org 

Dani Tietjendaniheadshot3

Hello Folwell, I’m Dani Tietjen! I have been a resident of Folwell for 16 years where I live with my husband and three kids.  You may know me as an FNA board member, I am sad to leave the board but I am excited to work with you in this new capacity. I love the Northside because of the resiliency of her people and strength of her community. It feels a lot like my hometown of Detroit; beautiful and challenging, but not defeated.  I moved to the Twin Cities to attend Concordia University where I graduated with a degree in Outreach Work. I love to travel and a spent year before college touring with a band doing youth and family ministry. After getting my degree I spent four years traveling as a Regional and National Events Director for Youth Encounter, a non-profit based here in the cities. After realizing my passion for storytelling and nurturing a creative and inspired life, I left my job and pursued a career as a public speaker/writer. The last 10 years I have spent traveling speaking, reflecting, and writing. I enjoy spending time organizing the Story Garden and other growing initiatives in Folwell and on the Northside. I am also very passionate about racial and economic justice, housing rights, and the healing for our collective bodies. I love being apart of this vibrant neighborhood and am humbled to be apart of the work building community power. If there is an hour to be spared, you would find me reading, cooking, biking, napping, or sharing a beverage with friends. Relationships are the foundation and heart beat of existence, and I look forward to investing in those relationships with you. See you on the block Folwell!

You can reach Dani at her Folwell email address danielle@folwell.org


Board Openings & Hiring

There was a packed agenda at the April 2nd board meeting, including the announcement of 4 open board seats and the approval to hire our first staff position!

Due to changing lives and new personal adventures, we have had to say goodbye to more board members than we had expected so early in our first year together. We appreciate all the work they have done for Folwell and will continue to see some faces in the neighborhood and supporting us in new ways and we wish others a fond farewell as they move to embrace their new cities.

This leaves room for new faces, talents, and representation! We encourage anyone with interest to fill out a board application and to reach out to any of our current board members with questions about serving on the board of directors of the Folwell Neighborhood Association. Please let your neighbors know and your walking buddies and your coffee friends… help us spread the word to cast a wide net for these open seats.

Current Candidate Profiles

In addition to the open seats, we are also seeking our first PAID position here with Folwell Neighborhood Association since the election of our new board of directors. This position will be part-time and support the efforts of the Communications Committee in the areas of outreach and community engagement. Please read the full job description for all details and email debbie@folwell.org to apply or with any questions.

We’re excited for the growth and energy these new faces will bring to the Association!


Seeking Volunteers

The Folwell Neighborhood Association is greater than the sum of its parts… The diversity and experience found in the boundaries of this neighborhood is awe inspiring and what makes us all want to have the best Folwell we can have.

Are you interested in volunteering in your neighborhood?

Do you have hidden talents that you’re excited to get to test and expand?

Are you looking for a way to give back to the community around you?

We want you!! We want your energy, your experience, your talent and your enthusiasm! The Folwell Neighborhood Association is looking to grow our volunteer base in all areas. There are a variety of ways to get involved and share your talents… Anything from an hour a month to spearheading a single, focused initiative can help our neighborhood grow and connect. Please email volunteer@folwell.org

A few examples to help spark some ideas:

  • Board Member – The FNA is always seeking interested board members. While we currently have a full board, life changes will always happen and we may be in need unexpectedly. If you are interested, please reach out and learn what it means to serve on the FNA board and to be notified of any open seats.
  • Writing / Reporting – The Folwell Flyer is currently seeking information curators to keep the neighborhood abreast of the important events happening around us.
  • Event Support – The Communications Committee is seeking support for the June 21st Resource Fair. Do you have time to make some phone calls? Are you well connected in the North Minneapolis non-profit and/or city sectors? Do you love event planning and detail organization? We are hoping to get several people to help plan and execute the best Resource Fair Folwell has ever seen!
  • Proofreaders – The Policy and Civic Engagement Committee will be needing some eagle-eyed proof readers this summer to aid in the updating of the FNA bylaws.
  • Project Manager – All committees are seeking people with strong organizational skills to tackle special projects in their respective areas.
  • Cultural Mentor – Are you proud of your heritage and want to help bring awareness and understanding to your history and culture? We would love to support events and discussions that celebrate all the diversity inside the boundaries of Folwell and the world.
  • Greeter / Door Knocker – Are you outgoing and social?! Let us know! We will always be needing people to connect with our neighbors and to help greet and engage people at the events that will be happening throughout the year.
  • Dog Lovers – Are you interested in starting a dog walking group with your neighbors? We can help you organize that!
  • Park Lovers – Do you want to help us curate the information surrounding park updates to be sure all our neighbors are up to speed on the changes coming our way?
  • The list can go on and on!