Welcome to the Folwell Neighborhood Association (FNA) Housing page. We are so glad you are here. Folwell is a neighborhood made up of predominately charming single family homes, with a few businesses on our main corridors, senior living centers, and apartments. Housing support and housing rights is important to Folwell.

Housing questions and concerns can be brought to Neighborhood Night, which usually happens the third Monday of every month at Folwell Park. Check the calendar for exact date, time and location. If you are unable to join us on Mondays but have questions or need immediate assistance, please contact info@folwell.org.

Winter and Emergency Assistance Programs

Are you in need of energy/heat/bill assistance this winter? Struggling to find food or clothes? Here is our Short list of Resources to help you through.

Currently the FNA does not offer any down payment assistance or home repair loans. As the housing team looks for ways to support residents in living their healthiest life, here is a collection of a variety of housing resources through the city, county and non profits servicing the area.

(If you have positive input or negative feedback about any of these resources, please contact our Outreach Coordinator to ensure we only refer people to safe spaces.)

General Housing

City Housing support: A link to the city’s housing resources

Community Action Partners: Comprehensive resource list for all residents seeking aid, financial assistance and direction through Hennipen County.

Emergency and Transitional Housing Resources

  • Our Saviour’s Housing Emergency Shelter: 2219 Chicago Ave S 55404 – 612-872-4193 ext 0
  • Our Saviour’s Transitional Housing: 2301 Chicago Ave S – 612-872-4021 ext 1
  • House of Charity treatment program and transitional housing: 510 S. 8th St. 55404 – 612-594-2002
  • Higher Ground Shelter: 165 Glenwood Ave N 55405 – 612-204-8552, ccspm.org
  • HOPE Harbor Salvation Army: 53 Glenwood Ave 55403 – 612-659-0705, savationarmynorth.org


Homeline: Tenant Advocacy and Free Legal Assistance

BDC Management Company: Respectful treatment to all people: Elderly, Disabled, Sec. 8, Sober, Families, Homeless

AeonAeon: Housing for all people; specializes in low income and homelessness

InquilinXs UnidXs Por Jusitica: Renter’s right’s organization

Housing Link: Long list of housing resources

Maynikoowahdak Odena housing for tribal community living for folks with disabilities and/or HIV/AIDS: 1335 East 23rd St. 55404 – 612-722-6248

Section 8 Housing: Find out the guidelines and eligibility of the program

Home Owners

Housing and Fire Inspections

MN Housing: Loan and emergency help with rehabbing your home

MN Housing: Home fix it program

Looking to buy a home

Greater Metropolitan Housing Corporation: Helping individuals and families secure an affordable home

PPL: Project for Pride in Living – a resource to overcoming all the hurdles of home ownership

Minneapolis Buy.Build.Rehab Program: A range of opportunities to own a  home in Minneapolis

Community Land Trust: A home buying option for those without options


Hearts and Hammers: Free exterior home repair for seniors

Senior Linkage Line: A variety of livability resource for seniors

HOME Program: The HOME program is to help seniors remain independent in a clean, safe environment by providing  accessible, reliable and affordable chore services. 952-746-4046


Veterans in Crisis: Call 1-800-273-8255 for immediate help and assistance.

Housing for Veterans: A collaboration of HUD and VA resources to house homeless Veterans