October 2018 Neighborhood Night Recap

Every month the Folwell Neighborhood Night hosts Neighborhood Night where residents come together to share a meal, get to know each other, and organize around the topics they care about. To learn more about this pilot program, click here.

Below you will find the notes taken from the evening.

Neighborhood Night

Monday Oct. 18, 2018 5:30-8:30pm

Folwell Park

30 people present

Spent the first 30 min eating and visiting and hanging out. Went over the agreements, for the evening and nothing was added.

Agreements: This is a living document that sets the tone for the evening to allow safe space for people to bring their truth and ideas.

  • No Hitting
  • Respectful
  • Courteous
  • Open Minded
  • Yes, and…
  • Help your Neighbor
  • Be positive
  • Fail Forward
  • Truthful
  • Thoughtful
  • Put Cell phones on silent
  • Communicate from love rather than fear

The large group then heard from Juxta and Sen. Champion’s office about their programs and progress. After, we opened

Special Guests:

Crime and Safety:

  • Chair – Buzzy, buzzy@folwell.org
  • Discussed Issues on Penn
  • When to call 911
  • Action Items:
    • Etta will contact Face to Face to have conversations with the young people
    • Someone from 911 to come to Dec. mtg
    • Security workshop Nov. 3 at 4pm


  • Chair – Kathleen, clean@folwell.org
  • Fall Leaf Rake Nov. 3-4, 2018
  • Clean Sweep – blocks that still need help: Sign up with Kathleen
  • Dumping – Tires and mattresses
  • Moving the name from CLEAN Team to Green Team
  • Action Items:
    • Clean Sweep done, finalize this week
    • Thank you!
    • Discover new ways to make cleaning fun – host an event in the spring
    • Move from “Senior Leaf Rake” to “Fall Clean up” to expand our ability to help more people who need the assistance.
    • Agreed to change the name from CLEAN to Green team in Jan.  


Housing Committee Report

October 2018 Neighborhood Night

Tonight we considered the following:

  1. How to enforce judgments against TJ Waconia, LLC, Jonathan Helgason & Thomas Balko?
  2. How to utilize $70,000 FNA housing funds?

For number 1, copies on judgments have been scanned and are on file. Committee members are conducting independent research to be discussed next month at neighborhood night.

For number 2, committee members conducted an initial brainstorming session. First, a list of possible projects/program was constructed. Next, comments and question for each idea were offered. Moving forward the committee will add to and review these ideas at next month’s neighborhood night and have a discussion about which ideas to move forward with pursuing. See ideas and list of consideration for each below.


Small Short Term Loans for Emergency/Urgency

  1. What would the application process look like?
  2. Does it call for interest on repayment?
  3. What would be the cap?
  4. How would the repayments be collected?


Foreclosure Assistance

  1. Would there be a triage team for the factors that lead to the foreclosure situation?
  2. Would this include rental properties?


Beautification Funding

  1. Create sweat equity accounts.
  2. Earn Folwell bucks towards beautification supplies.


Energy Efficiency Rebates

  1. How would this interact with Excel or Centerpoint rebates and programs?
  2. Solar gardens


Snow/Sidewalk Cleaner (Nate Street’s proposal; attached)

  1. How would it sustain going forward?
  2. How do you prioritize geographically? Which areas at what times?
  3. Is it snow plowing or removal? Where will the snow go?
  4. Who is operating the machinery?
  5. Which sidewalks get done first? How do cleanings get scheduled?

Eviction Court Representation

  1. Are we only using Legal Aid?
  2. Will the representation understand racial disparities in legal system?
  3. Do we contact all homeowners in distress?

Rent Stabilization

  1. Would/could it include section 8 participants?
  2. How do we monitor subversive landlord tactics? (Negotiating side payments directly with tenants, breaking contracts in other ways, etc.)
  3. Do we set goals for the program? Why? Increase per year?
  4. How many landlords are involved?
  5. What is the timeline once in agreement?
  6. Is this a once in a lifetime assistance?

Down Payment Assistance

  1. What are the terms? Will it be forgiven?
  2. If not forgiven, how will it be paid back? What are the terms? When?
  3. What is the funding source?
  4. How much per buyer?

Renters Advocacy Board

  1. How would this be different from Homeline?
  2. Could this include an agreement or partnership with landlords?
  3. How/does this tie in with Conduct on Premise board?

Legal Clinics/Retainer Assistance

  1. How to identify people who need help?
  2. Legal clinics scheduled @Folwell
  3. Partly to welcome community.
  4. How do we capitalize on programs and assistance that already exists in the community?
  5. Would this be better addressed with more advertising or connection? Do we need to organize it ourselves?

“Fix Up” Weekends

  1. Volunteers only?
  2. How many hours to commit to?
  3. Is this for seniors/disabled only?
  4. Is this for outside of the property only?
  5. How do people sign up to participate?
  6. How can we connect with local contractors, handy people, etc. to create mutually beneficial opportunities?

After we came together and gave our Action Items we took a moment to give an evaluation of the night:

Evaluation: One word from participants

  • Optimistic
  • Informational
  • Engaged
  • Happy
  • Community
  • Enthusiastic
  • Building
  • Progress
  • Empowered
  • Oooohhhh
  • Synergy
  • Connected
  • Renewed Purpose
  • Hyped

Action Items are given to each committee or team to follow up on.

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