December 2018 Neighborhood Night Recap

Every month the Folwell Neighborhood Night hosts Neighborhood Night where residents come together to share a meal, get to know each other, and organize around the topics they care about. To learn more about this pilot program, click here.

Below you will find the notes taken from the evening.

Neighborhood Night Update
Monday Dec. 17, 2018
Folwell Park 5:30pm
Special Guest: Juxtaposition bringing plans for the North Regional Library Renovations
Committee’s Present: Crime and Safety, Communications, Housing
Board Members Presents: Buzzy, Christine, Nate, Guin
Staff Presents: Dani, Chuck, Mysnikol, Heidi
Community Present: 10
Agreements: No hitting, Yes… and, Don’t take it personal, Active Listening, Consider others feelings, Be Respectful

Topics Discussed

Communication Plan

  • Streamlining the FNA communication plan.
  • Took input from residents about what they need from FNA
  • Transition and strategize better tools for the Secretary Role

Action Steps

  • Wrote a list of email goals – twice a month the Friday after the board mtg and NN
  • Research Texting reminders – goal to start using for mid-year
  • Nate and Christine talked through the Secretary role and its responsibilities


Crime and Safety: Input on MPD 4th Precinct Inspector

  • List of things people want to see in the next Inspector
  • Buzzy has a list of requests from residents to share with MPD leadership

Action Steps

  • Invite new inspector to the next Neighborhood Night meeting


North Penn Village Residents: They came to Neighborhood Night to ask for help in finding legal assistance for their Home Owner Association.

Action Steps

  • Dani is reviewing their binder and reaching out to a few organizations that could help.


Traffic Issues on 33rd and Fremont: Gathering community support to address the collisions and speeding on Fremont.

Action Steps:

  • Community Meeting on Saturday Jan. 12 at Fremont Clinic at 3pm.


Housing: Rent Stabilization Plan

Action Steps:

  • Guin is going to engage renters in Folwell to help write the proposal and have support in the effort


Input on Neighborhood Night: Residents gave input on how they want to see NN work going forward

  • If Thrivent is helping fund NN through their Micro Grant Program, invite them in to talk about what other programs and services they offer
  • Sometimes it can be difficult to ensure that everyone gets a chance to talk.
    • Possibly offer some facilitation training to committee chairs? – Mysnikol
  • Work on our communication and feedback loops.
    • Having visuals with dotmocracy is helpful and an easy way for folks to engage
  • NN is a healthier space to have fuller conversations around issues and topics
  • NN is great at building community
  • The informal space allows for good conversations


Important Dates to Remember:

  • January 7 – 630-8pm FNA Board Meeting at Folwell park
  • January 12 – 3-430pm Fremont Traffic Issues at Fremont Clinic
  • January 14 – 6-8pm Library Restoration Meeting at North Regional Library
  • January 21 – 530-8pm Neighborhood Night at Folwell Park


Juxtaposition Presentation:

  • The proposed changes to the North Regional Library are on display at the Library now. Juxtaposition is also attending all the community meetings they can to get input from the Neighborhood about what they want to see in the redevelopment. Currently the redesign will begin fall of 2019 and the Library will be closed for a year during construction.
  • If you would like to know more, come and join the meeting on Jan. 14 from 6-8pm at the Library.

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