FREE Passes to North Commons Water Park for Folwell Residents

The wading pool at Folwell Park has been closed this summer, and won’t be reopening before fall. In effort to provide an opportunity to cool off in this late summer heat, our Park Commissioner Kale Severson secured UNLIMITED FREE WATER PARK PASSES to North Commons for Folwell Residents.

Currently the Passes are available at the Folwell Park Building’s front desk.
Park passes have also been distributed to the Neighborhood Connectors so while they are out, they can be handing the passes out to those who are interested.
Passes will also be handed out at any block party the FNA is hosting.

Currently those parties are Friday Aug. 10 at Fremont Clinic from 6-9pm and Saturday Aug. 18 at Fremont Market from 1-4pm.

These passes are for ANY resident, youth or young at heart. They are a one use pass, so residents will have to go back to park building and get another one when you want to go again.

North Commons Water Park is open through Labor Day Weekend and is located at 1801 James Ave N.

Are there any residents who would like to be a distribution center to make these as available as possible for folks? Please contact Dani at danielle@folwell.org.

One distribution center will be at the Story Garden. The Story Garden is located at 35th and Humboldt Ave N. Simply knock on the door of the gray house next to the garden for passes.

We fully understand that this is not a complete solution to the problem of the wading pool and it doesn’t fix it, but we want to thank Kale for making this happen and those who have been helping look for solutions to cool kids off in the heat.

It is our goal to make sure this information is circulated around the neighborhood and passes are readily available. If you have other ideas, please let us know!

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