Board Openings & Hiring

There was a packed agenda at the April 2nd board meeting, including the announcement of 4 open board seats and the approval to hire our first staff position!

Due to changing lives and new personal adventures, we have had to say goodbye to more board members than we had expected so early in our first year together. We appreciate all the work they have done for Folwell and will continue to see some faces in the neighborhood and supporting us in new ways and we wish others a fond farewell as they move to embrace their new cities.

This leaves room for new faces, talents, and representation! We encourage anyone with interest to fill out a board application and to reach out to any of our current board members with questions about serving on the board of directors of the Folwell Neighborhood Association. Please let your neighbors know and your walking buddies and your coffee friends… help us spread the word to cast a wide net for these open seats.

Current Candidate Profiles

In addition to the open seats, we are also seeking our first PAID position here with Folwell Neighborhood Association since the election of our new board of directors. This position will be part-time and support the efforts of the Communications Committee in the areas of outreach and community engagement. Please read the full job description for all details and email debbie@folwell.org to apply or with any questions.

We’re excited for the growth and energy these new faces will bring to the Association!

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