MPRB: Work on Loring Park vegetation management continues

Work on Loring Park vegetation management continues into the late fall and winter months.

Applied Ecological Services (AES), contractor for the MPRB Loring Pond Vegetation Management project, will be cutting cattail stems during the fall and winter months of 2015/2016. The cut cattail leaves and stems will be hauled from the site and composted. The purpose of the fall/winter 2015-2016 cattail cutting is to remove dead debris to facilitate future vegetation work in the lake. This fall/winter cattail cutting and removal is not being used as a method to control or kill cattails.

AES work also includes removing the floating mats found in the South Bay. Cattail stems on the North Bay floating mat will be cut when ice on the lake is thick enough to support weight. Most of the North Bay is floating cattail mat.

Removal of the North Bay floating mat is not part of this winter work or the current contract with AES. Staff continue to explore options for removing the North Bay floating mat.

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About this project

We have received permits and legislation to remove narrow-leaved and hybrid cattails from Loring Pond.

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